Mu download exp 9999x season 5

Medium experience server with fun drop style and easy loot. From now on you can deposit jewels in the website even if they are stacked. Mu online mu private servers, free servers, guides. Hello dear mu online players, wed like to announce darkmu server start at 2020 january 11 16. New mukaimas x season 9 server grand opening on 20200201 8. In this server there will never be golden invasions and boxes of kundun, excellent items can be found only on the floor when dropped by normal monsters. With this function you can get 1 random ancient item. Season 6 episode 3, exp max,dropmax,ppl100,max stats32767,res from 400lvl,long term,in shops all jewels,3rd quest,3rd wings,new 999 items,sets,wings,weapons.

Inferno mu x9999 season 14 muonline server bulgaria. New antihack system prevent a lof of hacks, just for you to enjoy and have great experience with us. Mu online servers, mu online server list march 2020. This is the server continues of globalmu s with a new premium domain name, as new s14 project. From now on all monster spots, which were spreaded, are now with 5 monsters at 1 spot and 6 spreaded. Fixed mastery sealed mixes do not come with luck option.

There will be a money rewards for the first 5 people who made account with characters. On the server infinity is installed emulator mu online version 1. We do not make a wipe complete cleaning of the base and we are longterm private game server. From now on all items are made to be 200 durability, so that you dont have to repair them all the time. The best mu online private server and free mu server top list. Chcialbym zaprosic cie do nowo utworzonego serwera muonline i. Exp x9999 drop x80 all maps working all events working all new item sets long term server experienced developers ingame cashop market system regular ingame events from gm every week events on forum,facebook real cash reward events referr. Fortressmu season 5 ep 4 9999x exp mu online private servers.

Infinitymu is the biggest mu online private server official season 3 episode 1. Exp 99999x 9999x balanced pvp castle siege big spots fun server long term new features new wings. For all avo mu online player who had problems with there muonline launcher, redownload our latest update client to play muonline. Details welcome to zyrtecmu season 12 ep1 exp x9999, item drop 50, max master lvl 420, max stats 65k, item shop. Before you could only deposit 1 jewel that was not stacked. In the meantime while download mu, just run the muonline main. Season 3 9999x classic balanced big spots events easy grand. Mu online top 100 private servers, free servers, guides. Bk,sm,me,mg with 20 resets and 350 level characters. Fortressmu season 5 ep 4 9999x exp mu online private. We dont add any items for money, you can stop asking. Add luck to items with this function you can add luck to items. Limited, reconnect system, more spots at arena new pvp zones, good venues for gm events, good and active gms and the administrator of the game come and join us now.

Best and free mu downloads and mu pserver, mu online guides, cheats, bots, hacks and more. Mu online private servers, free servers, guides, guilds. Legendmu s15 x500 or x9999 legendmu have x9999 server that people love it and now x500 project will be very nice too we have season15 with good gameplay with a fun and fast game dont lose time and have fun here with good pvp and pvm nivelation farm coins every reset and ruud everywhere join us for a fun time. Find your favorite mu server or mu online pserver, mu online server download and mu private server downloads on this best mu online priv server list. New premium mu project based on latest season 14 episode 1 server files. Join and explore true muonline experience that you wont see on other mu servers. Season 5 x75 warior exp x75 drop 50% max stats 65535. To enter in our facebook page just click the image. Mu online 2019, the best high exp avomu muonline season 14. Mu online private server best mu online server, mu. In the ranking, character are ranked in the order the have became 400 level.

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