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Self publish me a dialogue on selfpublishing and marketing your own book in south africa. The publishers and distributors listed on this page are publishers and distributors in africa and around the world that either focus exclusively on africa related books or publish a significant number of books on africa each year. Imagnary house is a boutique publisher and bookstore with a special focus on childrens books. Cover design the book cover will be designed by a professional book designer you will provide us with a creative brief of what you see as the front cover image and we will give you a few cover options to choose from. We specialise in south african history, politics and current affairs.

Situated on the border of fourwaysrandburg, johannesburg, south africa just4ubooks offer unique personalized childrens story books made especially for you. Posts about book marketing written by selfpublishsouthafrica. Essentially, it lets writers and readers meet each. If you love reading and writing and you dream of finding your own book among the ones from your favourite authors in a book store, you need to know a good publisher in bloemfontein. A createabook business is ideal for anyone wanting to work from home, when they choose to and determine their own income. Read, read, read as well as whatever else you read, you must also read what other south african writers have written and are writing. Jonathan ball publishers also act as agents for british and american publishers, marketing and distributing books on their behalf in southern africa. Only if you are sure you can fulfill all the roles of a publisher without sacrificing quality. The aspiring authors guide to self publishing in south africa. This is to show that your book is not all just wild fire but contains value. Boutique books self publishing editing publish own. You have spent many hours working on your book and to neglect having it structurally edited, and not having the production and printing done by professionals, can prove to be a big disappointment for many selfpublished authors.

Set in russia, estonia and south africa, this book is based on entries in a family diary, long hidden. The top 5 mistakes south african authors make when self. Boutique books self publishing editing publish own book. Self publishing is an established trend that has completely changed the world of book publishing. Essentially, it lets writers and readers meet each other directly, without a middle man to take up to 90% of the profits. Bookstorm media discussions surrounding the causes and effects of burnout are becoming more and more common. When planning a visit to a new country, the first thing you are likely to do is to buy a guidebook on the place. Createabook sa create a book personlised storybooks. The top 5 mistakes south african authors make when selfpublishing. We have a big heart for childrens literacy and imaginations in south africa. Securing a traditional publishing contract may not work for you theyre hard to get, and you give up a lot of rights when you finally do get one. How to write a book in five easy steps by stephen l. Book tickets for self publish me a dialogue on selfpublishing. In south africas small market, where even bestsellers do not equate to huge numbers of books sold, selfpublishing makes financial sense.

Custom book covers are a lovely personal touch and add that exclusive look and feel. In the new history of south africa, 31 of south africas foremost share fresh insights and new approaches to the story of this country. Learn how to publish an ebook and sell it to a worldwide market on amazon in. How to get published pasa publishers association of south africa. Publish a book with penguin penguin books south africa. Selfpublishing is an established trend that has completely changed the world of book publishing. In those 20 years the country has undergone enormous change and these 11 books will introduce you to that. The enrollment period is for 90 days at a time which will automatically renew unless you pull your books out at the end of a period. Writing a book is not easy at all, getting published is even harder.

Uptodate international research is woven into a readable narrative history that makes the past come alive. Drama is one tactic you can use, but if you are not about drama, this one will show people that your book is of value and they should read it. The story covers the extraordinary experiences and journeys of 7 members of one ordinary family over 60 years encompassing wwi, the russian revolution, wwii and deportation to siberia. Not something you would want to own up to around your friends braai. Most overseas publishers, including the penguin group companies around the world, do not accept unsolicited material and require submissions to be made through literary agents. Use the filters on the left to narrow your search for businesses in johannesburg by category, price and other. Thanks to digital media and ereaders, never before has the publishing arena been so exciting and viable for new and established authors who want to self publish. Far too few south african authors find their writing being celebrated. The big challenge of writing a book is the books size. Of extreme importance for any writer who selfpublishes their book is the quality of the end product. Can i publish the ebook with one publisher and the print book with another. Publish your own professional books where the prices are affordable and the quility is of top standard. Aug 06, 2015 publishers association of sa explains to john and a caller about how to go about publishing a book in south africa. We offer a professional onestop book publishing service, as well as standalone editorial, graphic design, typesetting, production, printing, ebook and distribution services for authors and companies who seek professional input, highquality production, and a team who is willing to go the extra mile.

This book is uniquely african in its context and explores themes of identity, both selfimposed and individuated, and that which is placed on us externally. Quickfox publishing is your professional book publishing. Welcome to the wonderful world of createabook sa createabook sa has been in business in south africa since 1989 and is the leading supplier of personalised storybooks in the country. You need to know that the process will ask a lot effort from you even if you hire an agent. Self publishing a book is popular for many reasons. Each publisher has its own manuscript submission requirements. For example, we dont have literary agents in south africa, and with the professional advice and knowhow systematically provided by selfpublish sa during the bookmaking process, authors will find themselves perfectly capable of acting on their own behalf to sell their work. The cape town book fair chatted to mousehands simon nye on selfpublishing as part of independent publishing in south africa. Khutaza park, bell crescent, westlake business park. Showing johannesburg businesses currently available for sale. Facilitates the self publishing of books with help with editing, graphic design. At the very worst, this worry prevents you from finishing your book. Nov 15, 2015 at, jeremy boraine, publishing director of jonathan ball publishers, tried to answer the question why are books in south africa so expensive at the moment. Using createabook software, childrens personal details are magically woven into the stories making them the stars of their very own books.

Apr 26, 2014 sunday marked south africa s 20year anniversary of its first democratic election. Boutique books self publishing editing publish own book layout. We publish books for the general reading public in south africa books that will have a market in south african bookshops. What you need to do first, therefore, is get your book in rough draft form. Do you dream of writing and publishing your own book in pretoria. I sometimes wish i could publish just one book a year, boraine writes. Worrying about grammar and spelling and word choice at the very least slows you down.

Quickfox publishing is a leading custom publishing company in south africa. Jonathan ball publishers is the leading publishers and distributors of english general books in south africa. If you love reading and writing and you dream of finding your own book among the ones from your favourite authors in a book store, you need to know a good publisher in south africa. Professing your passion for the pen almost feels like a whispered admission of unemployment. A few tips on getting published exclusive books blog. Opening with a joke making the rounds in sas publishing circles, how do you make a small fortune in book publishing. The slowness of this process is no reason to stop writing poetry, or sharing it with others, starting a poetry reading group, or even publishing a small book of your own. Pegasus publishers submit online see our covid19 statement here. This article will take a good look at the top 5 mistakes made by south african authors who selfpublish their book. I wrote my first book at 17years old and have sold over 600 copies. Phoenix, publishing, random house, south africa, south african book sales. Because, we believe that enjoying the ability to read is the. Therefore, write your rough draft as fast as you can.

Discover thousands of books and authors, plus get exclusives on new releases, bestsellers, and more, at. We make these book covers by printing onto a sheet of card and then using this sheet to make the cover. It was 1999 that david philip publishers became new africa books through merging with two small publishing houses. Do you dream of writing and publishing your own book in bloemfontein. Jeremy boraine, publishing director of jonathan ball publishers, offers five. One day, we hope to make the childrens books that we love available in every part of our beautiful country. In the old dynamic of getting your book in print, authors basically had three options. How to write your first book and self publish with in 10 easy steps. Find johannesburg business opportunities to buy and sell from established high cash flow businesses to small home based businesses for sale. Bring your book cover ideas and we will help you create your very own stylish professional book cover solutions.

In this guide, we aim to share everything aspiring authors need to know thats you to learn how to publish a book in south africa, and more importantly, how to. Bookstorm is a boutique book publishing company offering focused experience and innovation in the creation of books for the south african market. Learn how to publish an e book and sell it to a worldwide market on amazon in this 12month online course. Basic knowledge of a computer is all that is needed to produce createabook personalised products. You can publish the dramatic piece 3 months before your book is released, then this one the first week of release. Or if you cant find a publisher interested in publishing your book.

Bind a book with your own book cover design bookbinding news. In south africa, many publishers accept manuscripts directly from writers. If you love reading and writing and you dream of finding your own book among the ones from your favourite authors in a book store, you need to know a good publisher in pretoria. In this book, miriam depicts three contrasting worlds. Sep 23, 2017 independently publishing a book in south africa is an interesting phenomenon. Printing of 100 copies, including delivery costs to a main centre in south africa.

We will arrange your isbn from the national library of south africa, and will also have it generated as a barcode for the back cover of the book. Self publish sa demystifies the publishing process. David philip publishers was a renowned independent book publisher in south africa, famous for publishing nobel prize laureates wole gordimer and nadine goridmer. Very often the answer is to publish both but it does depend on the production specifications of your book and the market you are trying to reach. If you were lucky, an editor at one of the big publishing houses would have. Please complete and submit the application form below. South africa, the drc and kenya, all drawn together by one common thread. Pasa is the largest publishing industry body in south africa, and is committed to creativity, literacy, the free flow of ideas and encouraging a culture of reading. Overseas, publishers often work exclusively through agents and will reject unsolicited manuscripts. Readable, yet authoritative, this is the story of south africa, as it has not been told before. Resources for writers in south africa modjaji books. Your book will only be considered by penguin books south africa.

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